Ginkgo Leaves
Ginkgo Leaves

My Chinese Herbal Pharmacy

Herbs in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) carry just as much importance as acupuncture does. They not only enhance the benefits of acupuncture, but rather also have the power to dispel imbalances of the body in cases where acupuncture by itself would not suffice. Proper prescription of herbal medicines, however, requires an assessment of your specific set of imbalances by a trained practitioner of TCM, and can rarely be used correctly based solely off of your set of symptoms, unlike over-the-counter drugs. Prescribed appropriately, when tailored for a patient's specific imbalances, they are an invaluable instrument of TCM.

Just as remarkable as the quantity of documented herbs, the diversity of interactions between herbs requires thorough familiarity with them to maximize their therapeutic potential. Equally crucial as well, this awareness is needed to avoid contraindications of certain herbs for certain bodily states. My expertise in Chinese herbal medicines stems from my decades of experience and my studies of classic TCM literature.

Of course, I also look for excellence in the quality of the Chinese herbs in my pharmacy. At this time, the majority of my herbal inventory, restocked regularly, comes from Golden Flower Chinese Herbs, an American company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Golden Flower Chinese Herbs produces their granulated herbs through patented extraction and concentration processes, and conducts extensive testing to maintain the quality of both bulk and granule herbs. More information on their quality assurance may be found on their website.

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