Testimonials from My Patients

“After being diagnosed with Grave’s disease in July 1998, I took prescription medication until the end of October. On November 17, I came to Dr. Li’s clinic with a screaming headache which the medication left me with. She gave me herbs for the headache and the next day it was gone. I kept my head from moving all day, afraid it would come back. It never came back after I took the herbs one time. When I first met with Dr. Li for my Grave’s disease, my radioactive uptake was 65% and I had no nodules on my thyroid. After nine months of visits, herbs, and acupuncture, the disease was in remission and did not come back. Seven months later, my TSH went back to normal and stayed there.” Oregon, Age 53

“I had chronic fatigue for three months, and after getting an immune shot, I started feeling extremely sick, and had to stop going to work. After I got one acupuncture treatment and started taking Dr. Li’s herbs, the next day I got much better and went to work feeling reinvigorated.” Washington, Age 51

“My kidney function improved a lot after a month of taking Dr. Li’s formula. My lab tests showed my GRF increase from 26 to 36, my blood creatinine level drop from 2.4 to 1.4, and my blood potassium level drop from 5.5 to 4.9. I haven’t seen these sorts of numbers in a long time, and my edema is all gone, too” Oregon, Age 81

“I came to see Dr. Li for alternating bouts of constipation and diarrhea, with cramping and bloating. After starting her herbal formula for three days, I began having regular bowel movements and my old symptoms were gone. Altogether I took a week of herbs and got a year of relief.” Oregon, Age 40

“I have seen Dr. Li for the last three years for hepatitis and liver problems. This amount of time I have worked with Dr. Li has made my life much less afflicted by pain and memory loss. She has brought me relief and comfort of life. I highly recommend her expertise.” Oregon, Age 64